About Me.

Software Developer with a background in photography and filmmaking. Currently working on: Photography Portfolio


Happy to chat with anyone with similar interests, shoot me an email and let's talk.

Job Opportunities

Currently looking for a job as a Software Engineer. Here's my resume.


I am Alex, a versatile professional with a background in photography and filmmaking, embarking on a career transition into software engineering.

Throughout my journey, I have developed a solid foundation in visual storytelling, honing my attention to detail and thriving in high-pressure environments.

Driven by a relentless curiosity and a passion for creative problem-solving, I bring a unique perspective to software engineering. My experience in the arts has fostered a deep appreciation for blending artistic vision with technical expertise. I am eager to leverage my analytical mindset and creativity to develop innovative solutions in collaborative environments.

With an unwavering commitment to learning and adaptation, I quickly grasp complex concepts and embrace challenges head-on.

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